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Friday 12 January 2024

I have been reading up on some of the social media responses to last night’s Online Fan Meeting. Goes a long way to confirming my view that quite a few fans enjoy being confrontational when the team isn’t doing well. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but rudeness and vulgarity does nothing to strengthen the point some are trying to make.
I know full well to avoid reading comments on posts on Facebook or Twitter (X) after the team has lost. Yet the Club’s management team are searching for more ways to engage with the fan base and understand their viewpoints on all matters concerning the club and match day experiences.
Considering the views of those fans with a more balanced take on these matters is never going to take account of the majority of those who attend games, let alone those who might if they were encouraged, perhaps by better results, to do so.
We heard yesterday how market research has been carried out by the club using external experts. This may provide useful information but will most certainly be incomplete.
I am sure success on the pitch will always be by far the biggest factor that will drive increased attendances and overall revenue. That is not to say there are not a lot of other things the club’s management need to get right. If I were given a choice as to priorities it would be to find a way of bringing the Valley and the training ground back under club ownership.

It would appear that Conor Coventry has nipped up to Sheffield and not liked what he has seen so is back down in London and a deal to bring him to Charlton is being discussed. A case of watch this space.
Not a peep on the JC-H deal, let’s hope we have a second choice centre forward lined up!
There was some transfer news yesterday with Sam Walker leaving at the end of his contract for a permanent job at Bradford City. Is Harry Isted nearing a comeback or do the club need to invest in another goalkeeper? For the women’s team Ella Rutherford has signed an extension to her contract to the end of the season.
I wonder if today will see anything like the activity that we saw last Friday?

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