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Monday 15 January 2024

Are we still in January I hear you ask? Not even half way through yet I reply.

The women’s team had a very good 4-1 win at Ipswich Town, going behind to an early goal then bringing their opponents down with three goals (two from Mel Johnson) just before half time. They added a fourth in the second half and progress to the fifth round of the WFA Cup.

No game today for the under 21’s, the Colchester game rescheduled again presumably due to Wednesday’s FA Youth Cup match at Bristol City.

I caught up on Twitter with the first half of the women’s game while at the excellent Aberdeen training academy at Cormack Park, Kingwells. My wife’s course with 9 participants and, on the exam day three Aberdeen academy players as test subjects, went very well. One of the academy players is currently on loan playing for Elgin City and I’ll keep a keen eye on his progress. Two centre backs and a striker, I told them they could do a job down at Charlton if they fancied a move to London.
My contribution to the day was less than it has been before as instead of having to enter data from manual sheets into the exam results sheet, each person now completes a form on their laptop and copies to a pen drive or emails it to my laptop and it is a cut and paste job. Everyone passed the exam with flying colours so happy faces all round.
We left at 2.30 pm to head back to Barrhead’s and stopped at what must be one of the worst service stations in the country, Strathmiglo. The good news was the dismal looking cafe was closed, but at least the garage had some decent snacks. I was also able to catch up on the second half of the women’s game and saw the final results before we continued our journey home. The women continue to have a far better season than the men!

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