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When the Apple falls from the tree

Wednesday 24 January 2024

Yesterday proved to be a total disaster for the club with defeat in all three games, under 21’s (0-2 at Watford), under 18’s (0-1 at Bristol City) and of course the first team losing at home (2-3) to Northampton.
The defensive record of the first team and the number of late goals being conceded tell us there are things behind the scenes that are not going well. A group of decent players but not performing as a team. It was also evident yesterday that a lot of the new players have joined the club from a position of not having played much football this season. That suggests they will need time to sharpen up. A relegation battle is now looming!
Then there was the news that came through after the game that Michael Appleton has been ‘relieved of his duties’. The question now is do the club have someone else lined up or will there be one of those ‘interim’ appointments. Curtis Fleming has performed such a role at a couple of his previous clubs and of course Jason Pearce did it last season.

Marianne takes some interest in football but probably has the sense to leave all the Charlton supporting in our household to me. Her thoughts on yesterday’s events were:

‘Did they let in a last minute goal so the manager would get the sack?’

‘The Women’s team are doing well, why don’t they appoint a woman manager to sort out the men?’

She then left the building to go for a run in the gale force winds, leaving me to ponder on how the rest of this session may unfold. Who knows what the Charlton board of management will do now. Too often the case of finding a manager who is currently out of a job rather than searching for the best person. We are fast becoming a club with a long list of unsuccessful managers. Who knows maybe they will appoint Joey Barton as the next one! That for sure would be another short term gig!

Despite the turmoil on and off the pitch at Charlton I am enjoying posting this blog in this very long month. We are going to be looking for a new Blogger in February. I know we have amongst our members writers of far greater repute than I.
If anyone else wants to contribute to the blog during February, or just when inspiration strikes, then contact Nick Blackbourn to ask about obtaining access.

Another game for Charlton Women tonight. A must win game, if they are to progress to the knockout stages, in the Continental Cup group stage against a WSL team.

7.00 pm Charlton Women v Brighton Women